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The first product of Jimu Tech. is an intelligent parking robot with mechanical arm based on autonomous driving technology.

The parking robot is able to go underneath the vehicle, adapting to different wheelbase and driveshaft length with adjustable mechanical arms, to accomplish lifting and transportation. Unlike existing solutions, metal pallet, fork lift, ramps and other auxiliary equipment are no longer needed, thanks to its unique design. Autonomous driving technologies are applied to the robot to achieve accurate indoor positioning, efficient path planning, robust obstacle avoidance and other functionalities. The central dispatch system coordinates multiple robots through a unified and optimized scheduling and path planning algorithm, which effectively improves the operational efficiency and space utilization of the parking lot. For the convenience of customers, mobile device friendly online booking and payment services are provided, together with the real-time status of the vehicle.

Currently, the design of mechanical structure, electronics, software and algorithms of Jimu Intelligent Parking Robot have been completed. Trial services is estimated to be running in a parking lot in Hangzhou by the first half of 2018. And it goes into mass production around 2018.